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This precious scent is built around a special heart relationship of Jasmine and Pinon Pine, with top notes of citrus and a deep, resonate, wooded base.


What mysteries exist just beyond, in the space between, in the song of the bees, in the world of dreams, down a forest path, in your lovers eyes, Behind the Veil?


This scent invites you into those spaces of mystery and depth, romance and wonder. When you feel it's alluring scent fall upon you, know the spell is cast; One of soft bravery, strength in vulnerability, curiosity, and opening. Wear this magic when it's time to share your soul and your heart, or when it's time to invite a curious nature. Watch how it works it's narrative around you. Opening you and those around you to the wonder of the inner and outer worlds.

Behind the Veil ~ 15ml

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