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This deep, otherworldly scent is blended with peppery and uplifting top notes, an herbacous and rugged heart and primal, resinous base notes such as nagarmotha, amyris and frankincense that shift and transform on your skin with a long, tenacious dry down.


Omens give us insight into the unknown and the unseen. Divining the will of the Gods; Seers, Wizards and Völva read the signs of the fates through nature or tools of divination, such as runes, cards and ritual. With our minds open to receive, we may interpret the wing of the crow, the crack in the stone, the sound on the wind, the angle of the stars.


Omen is blended with notes of divine, magical significance. Together they awaken your power of vision and foresight and your ability to see and interpret the signs of the Universe.

Omen ~ 15ml

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