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Sovereignty is a sensual, regal and enchanting scent. It's a heady, slightly spicy floral with a heart of rose, a citrus top note and an alluring base of sweet balsamics.


The sovereignty Goddesses and women of Celtic mythology are a force to be reckoned with. In a time when the king's relationship with the land and it's people was more tangibly valued, it was she who deemed him worthy of the title King and held him to his promise to protect the Land. She is connected to herself and the Earth. She is the maiden of the wells.


The energy of this perfume is one of knowing oneself and one's self worth and valued role in the world. Being unapologetically yourself! Royal and with no master. Welcoming solitude like an old friend, but never short on lovers or companions should you so desire. The power in this bottle invites you to embrace your sexuality, your independence, your inner strength and absolute significance.

Sovereignty ~ 15ml

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