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The Hunt begins with crisp, bright, woody and herbaceous notes of clary sage, wild orange and fir. As it dries down it brings forth the deeper wooded and earthy resonance of cypress, oakmoss and myrrh.


With focus and purpose you move through the tangled wood. Step after step, you are drawn towards your desire. Your mind is clear and steady, with the tracks of your mark laid out before you. With a determined calm, you slow upon the meadow to see what you have been following come into tangible reality. You feel the crisp dawn on your skin, inhale it through your nostrils. With reverence and an exhale you let loose the reed which will attain for you that which moments before existed only in your imagination.

This scent holds the power of perseverance, will and direct action. It grounds you in your purpose, while providing the clarity you need to achieve that which you desire. You are protected. Your pursuit is blessed. Whatever it is that you seek, simply follow the path that has been left for you and once it's in sight, with gratitude and respect, release your arrow into action.

The Hunt ~ 15ml

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