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This perfume is built around a powerful heart of white rose, white lotus and neroli. This combination of essences reinforces our faith and helps us to connect to our deep desires from a place of love and trust. With cardamom, laurel and rosemary framing the heart and head, we are given strength of will and of courage. The fragrance is then grounded and supported with a base of balsam of peru and oak moss, which reminds us to ground ourselves in gratitude for the richness of life's unfolding.


This scent takes you on a journey with a bright, crisp aromatic top and dries down slightly sweet, with a blending of fruity, floral and wooded notes.


When you close your eyes, or look upon a shooting star, or find a dandelion gone to seed; what stirs in your heart? What dreams call out to you? What wishes come forth to be voiced and then answered?


The Wishing Tree brings forth the awareness, passion and belief to bring about all that you desire. It's power exists within the space of heaven and earth, between our heart and solar plexus. It's branches reach high above in optimistic potential, and it's roots dig deep beneath the rich soil of our dreams.


This is where our desire meets our will.


It is here that anything can happen. When we tap into that scared space of love and devotion, blended with our unyielding faith, our life blossoms in the joy of it and all that we are meant for comes flooding in.

The Wishing Tree ~ 15ml

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